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Corporate Team Building Transformation

Embracing conscious vulnerability 

to unlock deep potential

MISSION: To create a self-correcting team culture that fosters real growth for your employees and real results for your company.







We will discuss what's preventing wholistic action - unconscious, buried, reactionary beliefs - unprocessed fear. 


A 2014 study published by Harvard Business Review in which 116 CEOS’s and executives were studied and interviewed found that fears of appearing incompetent (or Imposter Syndrome), underachieving, and political attacks from rivals, accounted for 60% of bad behavior among executive team relationships.  

McKinsey survey of 2,207 executives, found that 72% said that unconscious, limiting beliefs affect the most important strategic decisions made by their smartest managers.


The team is guided through a tangible, literal writing process where they will be able to unlock the unconscious mind and expose buried beliefs/fears that have been preventing them from direct and full communion with the team, their work, and the culture. It's a form of practical resistance training that can be used at a nuts-n-bolts level - during the actual work day - at the moment these fears come up. 


  • Team members will learn a repeatable system that allows them to move from unconscious reactivity to conscious, value based action.

  • They will share these limiting beliefs at a group level, experiencing that their Personal fears / vulnerabilities are Human fears / vulnerabilities.










As a company scales to greater and greater heights, there is a true risk of the culture becoming a set of platitudes.


How can the culture not only be maintained but flourish and evolve? By helping each individual articulate what their personal core values actually are, and how they directly relate to the core values/culture of the team/company. This then creates a very deep connectivity between the values/principles of the individual and of the company. 


  • The team members will be given a simple, repeatable, work-a-day technique, that allows them to articulate the principles/values that need to be practiced in the team and in their work.   

  • Upon completion of the workshop, team members will have a system that allows them to pause, in real time,  and make a value / principle based active choice, instead of reacting to the unconscious inner fear. 


This leads to an ability to unlock their own potential and have an entirely new relationship with their work.



The next step is to discover how to move past the inner resistance. 

We will go over practical techniques to honestly and directly confront the resistance and move into action. 


We must learn a way to ride the inner wave, or the team drowns!


Laurel Miller, Senior Producer

Laurel Miller, Senior Producer

GNET AGENCY "The WAVE system helps me get through moments at work where I feel fearful and out of control. Without physically leaving, the process takes me out of the situation and helps me realize I am not my job--that helps me do the job so much better and has led to the biggest accomplishments of my career. With the WAVE, I put myself first for a moment which gives me confidence and peace in stressful times. I've never achieved this level of success at work before. The WAVE works!"

Christina Ferguson, Executive

Christina Ferguson, Executive

NETFLIX "The corporate world is so results, impact driven. You forget to be emphatic with yourself, or you forget to utilize your tools, because you are constantly faced with your own fears. Working with Greg and the WAVE process allows you to have a different relationship with that fear. When you feel triggered or you feel fearful, knowing that it’s a universal fear, and that everyone else is probably feeling that, will allow you to move towards that goal and have greater impact."

Carly Brannon, Founder/CEO

Carly Brannon, Founder/CEO

CJLA "Greg's The WAVE has been incredibly instrumental in my growth and that of our company over the last year. The wisdom, insight and ability to process through what matters most is a direct result of WAVE. I have a new understanding of the deep connectivity between my personal goals and my business goals – the resistance I need to face in one appears in the other. I've discovered deep joy in facing this resistance, the joy of welcoming and working through the inner and outer obstacle."

Taylor Oliver, Executive

Taylor Oliver, Executive

FLEXPORT "I began working with Greg during a very important time in my career. Working with Greg's WAVE technique helped me to transform my way of thinking, be more proactive in my approach, and overcome prior beliefs I had about my capabilities. With the tools Greg has provided me, I feel more in control, and more at ease working through challenges. As a result, I am a better leader and manager to my team and am able to stay laser focused on the most important goals of the business."

Christopher Jozeph, Founder/CEO

Christopher Jozeph, Founder/CEO

VOKARE X "Since working with Greg and applying the WAVE method, my company has excelled at a rapid rate. The techniques and the tools he provided me, coupled with my passion to do the work, is the reason I can confidently say IT WORKS!"

For booking or questions:

 ph. 646.352.2764

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