PGST For The Actor

Do you have precise and empowering goals for your career?  

Or are you just “trying to get work” as an actor…?  

Do you have a systematic and practical plan to, for example, "land a breakthrough role on a hit TV series within the next 3 months, that showcases you brilliantly and takes your career to the next level"?   


To have a flourishing career as a professional actor the ability to create, refine and follow through on an effective and specific plan of action is an absolute necessity! If you are waiting for the agent call, or the big audition that will jump-start your career - you are living in fantasy.  


PGST helps you take daily, brave action, in reality, no matter what you might be feeling or thinking.  If practiced consistently (and imperfectly!), it will completely transform your relationship to fear – allowing you to make friends with your neurosis and ego by gently, and with great compassion, taking action for the sake of taking action. 

Excerpt from a seminar hosted by Casting Frontier 

My actor clients range from those just starting out in the business, to celebrities and Emmy winners.  I’ve helped actors procure top-notch agents, book multi-picture deals, become series regulars and much more.  

I would love to connect and discuss how PGST and my coaching might be of service to you.  

Actor Testimonials

Also Created Exclusively For Actors...

  • PATH ignites and dramatically improves whatever audition process you are currently using - it works with any and every acting technique!!!


  • It is designed to be used from the moment you get the audition info, all the way through the post-audition "what the f**k just happened!?" emotional/psychological whirlwind and everything in between, including real solutions for "How do I remember the lines!!!???" and the dreaded NERVES!!!! 

  • A unique approach using personalized improvisation exercises that will transform your audition experience into an act of spontaneity, honesty, and deep-down FUN!

  • A practical and very specific system that gives you a PATH to bravely walk through and harness your natural fears, while allowing you to transform your audition into a dazzling display of artistry! 

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