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Constantly create and hone ideal DEMO scenes

that showcase your undeniable magnetism and dazzling acting chops!!


12 Week On-line Course


  • Do you want to create and record a personally tailored 1-2 minute ideal demo scene that can WOW any CD or agent/manager!?

  • Do you want to finally understand and own your “brand”?

  • Do you want to have a system to consistently gage and improve the level of your acting skills?

  • Do you want to continually develop new material that reflects your ever expanding range and talent?

  • Do you want to form a “mastermind group” of professionals you trust and respect who will help guide you in the best way to market yourself, and give you honest feedback on the progression of your craft?


Then this is the course for you!

Over three months, through a series of twelve, live on-line lessons, 

each followed by an extensive live Q and A; 

and daily and specific bold action assignments, 

I will personally coach you in the development of a system that will allow you 

to create and produce, at very little cost, a series of ever-expanding, delightfully directed and tailor made demo scenes that can be used to :


  • Procure representation that believes in you and gets you 

  • Get into specific offices for specific roles

  • Keep yourself on the A-list of your current representation 

  • Create a springboard and template for the development of more expansive work – films, videos,  web series, etc…  


So many actors fall into the trap of paying anywhere 

from $1500-$5000 and upwards, to produce demo reel footage. They use, or are given material that is not well thought out – often generic and bland.   


The production level of the finished material can come across as extremely amateur

 in more ways than the actor realizes.  A CD or agent watches it and thinks, 

“This is clearly a non-professional looking for a way in”.  

And here’s the thing – anyone who watches a DIY clip you have created is going to assume that it is best example possible of your acting ability and marketability! 



Because you could have shot and created anything…and this is what you chose.  


So…are your current demo materials an ideal showcase for your 

undeniable magnetism and dazzling acting chops?  

If not, then, again, this course is for you!

And contrary to what many actors think, a highly personalized, 

extremely well crafted and meticulously directed 1-2 minute scene, 

shot in the style of a typical self-tape audition,

is a vastly more effective showcase then the more fully produced demo scenes that the typical young actor has spent thousands of dollars on! 

If you imperfectly show up for this course, and really do the work, 

it will re-boot, transform and empower your entire acting career in ways you can’t imagine! 

And you might look at the title and say, “Yeah but…I’m not sure I have undeniable magnetism and 

killer acting chops…?” Well here’s the thing, if you don’t have those things –

you need to begin to develop them immediately!!! 

If you want to get work as a professional actor you need to be 

really, really, really, reeeeeeally good 

and have a system in play to consistently improve both your acting chops and your ability to showcase yourself in the most marketable was possible.


Every Wednesday at 8:30amPST, starting on October 24th, I will give a live hour talk on a private FB group, going over the game plan for the week, followed by an extensive live Q and A.  Then every day, I will post your daily, action assignment.  Each weekly talk and the Q and A are recorded and housed on the FB group,, so you can watch at your leisure if you miss it on the day.  By the end of the 12 weeks you will have a repeatable system to create and produce, at very little cost, a series of ever-expanding, delightfully directed and tailor-made demo scenes. 

I will guide you toward


  • Articulating specifically what kind of scene is the best showcase for you

  • Discovering how to actually create a very unique version of that ideal scene

  • Creating a group of trusted industry advisors, who can give you honest feedback on the material and you own skill level, so you can truly move towards revealing your most magnetic qualities and honing your acting chops, until both are undeniable and dazzling!


The entire 12 Week course is $350.

Click below to sign up,

(registration will close on Oct 20th)

and please feel free to respond to this email directly with any questions!

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