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"I have been coaching producers, CEO’s, musicians, small business owners, actors, school teachers, influencers, financial executives, writers, fashion designers, homemakers - individuals from all walks of life in Practical Goal Setting Technique for over a decade. My clients range from those just leaving school and entering the "real world" to multi-million dollar entrepreneurs, leads of hit TV shows, leaders at Fortune 500 companies, Emmy winners to yoga teachers, and so on. It has been a profound joy witnessing my clients, through using techniques I forged out of my own trials and triumphs, transform the relationship they have to their goals, allowing their lives to bloom and truly flourish. 


How was PGST born?  In 2002, I hit bottom with addiction to drugs and alcohol.  With the generous help of others who had overcome compulsions similar to my own, I soon found a path toward physical sobriety. The key to this path was an intrinsically linked combination of Acceptance and Surrender, i.e. – discovering what is in my power and what is not in my power. The key itself had been forged in the fires of my own suffering, or, to put it more precisely, forged in a new understanding and new relationship with that suffering.  Eventually, I felt called to re-address my career and skills as a professional actor with this deeper yet fledgling experiential understanding on the nature of power. I began to ask myself – 'What am I truly pursuing? – Do I even know? What are the skills necessary to building a career and life of substance? Do I possess these skills, and if not, how might I acquire them? How do my deepest wounds relate to my greatest gifts – to my “callings”?   How do I concretely participate with reality and leave behind my obsession with the result and “Getting It Right”. Engaging with questions such as these were the seeds of PGST.


The technique and my skills at helping to awaken and inspire my clients continue to expand. PGST has become one of the great passions of my life."


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